Alan M. Perlman, PhD: a speechwriter with unique skills and uncommon talent.

        During his 22 years of speechwriting experience, Alan has used his extraordinary knowledge of language and communication (he's probably the only professional freelance speechwriter with a PhD in linguistics) to develop original techniques for research, writing, and editing. He's put his expertise to work for the CEOs and top executives of Burroughs Corporation (now Unisys), General Motors, National University, TRW, The Pampered Chef, and, most recently, Kraft Foods...and for numerous other executive speakers as well.

        Alan has a thorough understanding of how executive communications support business objectives, as well as extensive experience in developing strategic communications and counseling management on the content and impact of communication.

        In the words of speechwriting author and teacher Dr. Jerry Tarver, "Alan Perlman brings talent, technical skills and experience to the speechwriting task, but he stands out among the nation's small group of stellar writers because of his profound understanding of the principles undergirding effective language and communication management. He is at the forefront of the truly intellectual practitioners of the art of speechwriting."

A few words from Alan's clients...

"I am always amazed at your grasp of issues and how well you transform them into words which, hopefully, are thought of by my audience as ones of tremendous wisdom. You are truly a Maestro." (CEO, Fortune 50 company)

"Thanks again for your help on the panel remarks. The panel went great...and your words, as always were terrific." (Group VP, Fortune 50 company)

"The speech was right on target! It did an excellent job of conveying theand importance of our industry developing a focus on growth." (CEO, major industry trade association)

"Thank you for the great speech. I was on the stage with competitors...and we blew them away!" (Group VP, Fortune 50 company)

"Alan was a terrific help to me in preparing a speech I gave last week. He helped me think about how to structure the flow of the speech as well as the content to include. He was also extremely helpful in researching appropriate quotes and stories to demonstrate the points I was making. Alan added a lot of value toward making the speech a success." (Finance VP, Fortune 50 company)

"I want to thank you for the terrific work on the kickoff. I really appreciate the way you worked with the team and me. I was very happy and proud to deliver the speech and received many nice comments. (Marketing VP, Fortune 50 company)

"You did a great job in writing this speech. Your efforts earned some very positive recognition for the company." (Senior VP, Fortune 50 company)

"Thank you for the terrific job you did on the comments for the award presentations. They clearly had an impact on the recipients and contributed greatly to what was a very special event. You came through with your usual excellence, and it is appreciated." (Senior VP, Fortune 50 company)

When these leaders had something to say, Alan Perlman was the speechwriter who helped them say it. And he can put his strengths and skills to work for you.

  • VERSATILITY: Whether it's a state-of-the-business presentation, a shareholder speech, a commencement address, a retirement tribute, a professional lecture, a motivational conference keynote or inspiring wrap-up, a corporate videoscript, or an award presentation or acceptance...Alan has done them all, and more.
  • AUTHENTICITY: Alan uses his original techniques to analyze, capture, and replicate the style of any speaker or organization.
  • RESEARCH/CREATIVE CAPABILITY: While no one can be an expert on everything, Alan is an expert at gathering, synthesizing, and simplifying information; he'll suggest ideas and approaches; he'll even construct a coherent, persuasive document with little or no prior input.
  • INTEGRATION: If necessary, Alan will collect contributions from many sources (written, Internet, interview, etc.) and reconcile conflicts where necessary, so that the final product is an integrated, seamless whole.
  • LINGUISTIC SENSITIVITY: Alan pays close attention to the rhetorical nuances of each communicative situation...and gives you his best professional judgment on the appropriateness of specific words, phrases, and modes of expression and argumentation.
  • ISSUES AWARENESS: Alan stays on top of emerging business, political, economic, social and demographic trends and, where appropriate, will integrate them into the speech.
  • DISCRETION: The information you share with Alan will be held in the strictest confidence.

Alan is a versatile freelance speechwriter who provides expert help with every phase of a successful speech:

  • Audience research.
  • Idea/theme development.
  • Incorporation of key themes and messages.
  • Maximizing speech impact, via the appropriate openings, closings, and arrangement of content; effective argumentation; and the relevant use of quote/citations, humor, and anecdotal material.
  • Editing of rough draft provided by speaker.
  • Revision and fine-tuning of speech draft per review by speaker, legal counsel, content/policy expert, etc.
  • Development of speech draft via direct interview with speaker.
  • Development via interview with other individuals.
  • Creation of speech outline from topic via interview or research.
  • Original creation of speech outline from topic.
  • Development of speech via research (print or electronic).
  • Creation of original subject matter.
  • Presentation aids and support. For the actual delivery of the speech, Alan can provide notes or outline in the speaker's preferred format; or a full or abbreviated (i.e., part outline and/or ad lib) script in the speaker's format and natural speaking style. He will also work with your in-house (or his outside) creative talent to develop whatever audio-visual support the speech requires.

In addition to freelance speechwriting, Alan offers other, speech-related services:

  • Alan will help speakers identify the appropriate forums, consistent with their (or their organization's) goals and messages.
  • Oral delivery skills improvement: numerous executives have become better speakers through Alan's one-on-one training, practice/rehearsal (on-site or video), or (where feasible) feedback from the speech event.

Alan is not only an experienced freelance speechwriter - he is also a distinguished contributor to the speechwriting profession. He has developed a considerable body of original knowledge and methodology.

It all comes down to...

...powerful and memorable - the two words that sum up the goal of every speech. You want the speech to make a strong impression when it's given. And you want people to remember what you said. That's not easy, but it is achievable - with expert help from Alan M. Perlman, PhD. What he has done for dozens of speakers over the past 22 years...he can do for you.