Alan is an accomplished editor of manuscripts and books - fiction and non-fiction, on any subject - with an eye for structure and ear for style that have been sharpened by thirty years of studying, teaching, and professionally writing the English language.

      While he is an expert copy editor, his true strength is in developmental editing.

       If the author has only an idea, Alan will interview him/her to create a chapter outline and fill in the rest of the book. If necessary, he will perform or arrange for any research needed to develop the book.

       If the author has a content outline, Alan will work with him/her as above to complete the book.

       If the manuscript is partially or poorly written, Alan will work with the author to fill it out and improve it.

        Alan's expertise covers every area of book and manuscript editing. With a linguistics PhD and decades of experience in editing his own and others' writing, Alan assures clients the highest possible levels of clarity, coherence, mechanical correctness, and factual accuracy.

The following are examples of books to which Alan has contributed significantly in style, coherence, content, and storytelling.

Mark Nicholas, ITíS (NOT) JUST BUSINESS:
A Hands-On Guide to Decision Making, Politics and Ego in the Workplace
(An In-The-Trenches Business Survival Guide)
Barely Lit Publications
THEBUSINESSPERSONA.COM (forthcoming, 2014)

Miche Graf, The Passionate Life: A Common Man's Guide To Getting Everything You Want Out Of Anything You Do, 2009

Ben Benson, The Seven Laws of Wealth, 2010

Mark Ryski, Conversion: The Last Great Retail Metric, 2010

Lee Moylan, Once Upon a Nightmare (2008); Fatal Charade (2012)

Dr. Ron Martinelli, The Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police (2016)

As I neared completion of my manuscript, I realized that I needed to have the book reviewed and edited by a pro. As I trolled the Internet looking for professional editing services – I found lots of “editors”. Finding an editor was easy; finding an editor I was willing to trust with my book – a very different matter. That is, until I found Dr. Alan Perlman.

Not only I was impressed by Dr. Perlman’s qualifications, but after we spoke, I was convinced he was exactly what I was looking for. Dr. Perlman made my book better – significantly better. His editing was impeccable, he completed the work at a mind-boggling pace, and, in general, he was a delight to work with…oh, and did I mention affordable? He’s that also.

Dr. Perlman is a very talented and gifted writer/editor. If you have a writing project that really matters, I urge you to call him. He will make it better – significantly better.

Mark Ryski Founder & CEO, HeadCount Corporation
Author, Conversion: The Last Great Retail Metric / Phone: (780) 910-9563